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Myths About Exercising for Weight Loss

Nov 01, 2023
Myths About Exercising for Weight Loss
Exercise is part of a healthy weight loss program, but it’s not the only part. The right nutrition, stress management, and other modalities are also essential. Here’s the truth about how exercise affects weight loss.

Losing weight is tough. It’s even tougher if you buy into these common myths surrounding exercise and weight loss. The reality is that exercise is a part of your weight loss strategy, but it also requires the right blend of diet, nutrition, and support. 

Primary Medical Physicians LLC offers proven methods and guidance to achieve a healthy weight. Our multi-faceted approach includes nutritional counseling, meal planning, exercise plans, and other proven methodologies.

5 common exercise-for-weight-loss myths

As you probably know, excess pounds put additional stress on your organs and joints. However, just because you’re embarking on a weight loss journey doesn’t mean you have to give up all your favorite foods and spend all your free time exercising. These popular exercise myths can lead you astray and cause you to give up before you reach your weight loss goals. 

1. Exercise alone is enough 

Exercise is essential for good health and losing weight, but you can’t out-exercise bad eating habits and months or years of a sedentary lifestyle. 

2. Cardio is not the answer 

A healthy exercise program gets your heart rate up, but it’s important to ease into it if you’ve been spending more time sitting than walking. Also, be mindful of your joints and injuries — sometimes, low-impact exercise is more effective. 

Besides boosting your heart rate, you also need to include strength training. Elastic bands or small weights help build strength and flexibility to improve mobility. Plus, strength training boosts your metabolism so you continue to burn calories no matter what you do. 

3. Lengthy workouts aren’t necessary 

You don’t need to exercise for hours every day. Short bursts of exercise you can fit into your busy schedule and that you’ll do is far better. 

4. There’s no such thing as spot-reducing exercises 

No amount of situps will flatten your stomach without an overall exercise and nutrition program. That’s because weight loss occurs evenly across your body. 

5. Exercise isn’t a free pass to eating anything you want 

Healthy, nutritious foods are essential to your weight loss efforts. Choosing unhealthy treats counteracts your workout. 

Find expert support for your weight loss program 

Everyone’s body is different; what worked for your friend or cousin won’t necessarily work for you. At Primary Medical Physicians LLC, we evaluate your overall health, medical history, lifestyle, and goals to create a healthy weight loss program for your needs. Located in Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, Davie, and Lauderhill, Florida, you can schedule a consultation with our online scheduling tool.