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The Many Benefits of IV Therapy

May 19, 2023
The Many Benefits of IV Therapy
Recharge your body and mind with high doses of vitamins and nutrients delivered straight into your bloodstream for fast results, and discover the many benefits of IV therapy.

Once limited to hospitals, IV therapy is now available to everyone. IV drips have many benefits, from rehydration after strenuous exercise to relieving chronic migraine pain. 

IV therapy may be for you if you’re considering options for boosting your health and well-being. It’s quick, efficient, and growing in popularity.  

The Primary Medical Physicians, LLC team in Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, and Davie, Florida, evaluate your condition and recommend specific IV cocktails. 

What is IV therapy? 

You can imagine the bag full of liquid hanging on a hook. Attached is a tube (a catheter) that funnels the nutritious liquid into a vein in your arm. IVs work quickly because they act as an expressway for a vitamin and nutrient surge into your bloodstream.

As for what’s in that liquid, it depends on your purpose for obtaining an IV. IVs can contain high levels of Vitamin C to boost your immune system or plenty of electrolytes to remedy a hangover. 

No matter your reason for seeking IV therapy, it’ll rehydrate you so your body can perform at its best. 

Who benefits? 

Anyone can benefit from IV therapy. Some say it reduces anxiety, provides pain management for migraines and fibromyalgia, enhances mental clarity, and improves the energy levels of those with chronic fatigue. 

For example, if you suffer from migraine disease, you know the throbbing pain a migraine attack can bring. IV therapy hydrates you via electrolytes, magnesium, and other nutrients to ensure you’re well-hydrated. IV for migraines may also include pain medication to help you recover quickly. 

One popular IV formula is the Myers’ Cocktail. Named after a Baltimore doctor who developed it in the 1970s, this mixture contains high doses of Vitamins B, C, magnesium, and calcium combined with sterile water. 

What to expect when getting IV therapy

IV therapy is a simple process. Once our medical team assesses your condition and goals, we prepare a unique IV mixture to address your concerns. 

We simply insert the needle, and then you relax for 30-60 minutes while the IV delivers nutrients into your bloodstream. After the IV bag drains, you may feel better right away. 

The effectiveness of IV therapy depends on your health, age, goals, and overall condition.

If you want to feel your best through IV therapy, our expert team at Primary Medical Physicians, LLC in Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, and Davie, Florida, can help. We discuss your medical history and create an IV therapy plan for you. You can call 954-945-9610 or click here to schedule your appointment today.